It was a Beautiful Summer London Morning Encounter in a park.

I went to London for a performance in the summer time. One morning,  I and my cello were resting in the Kennington park. Two Mr. Hippie came to me and asked me to use my cello for a second! — Carrying  a cello in public places  just like carrying a dog. People usually start to make conversation with me just because they saw a little girl with a big cello case,” what is it?” or “is this a guitar?” or “it must be very heavy, isn’t it?” etc.. but for this time, Doug and Paul who (I figured out later that they are two musicians) knew this is a cello!

What happened was I took out my cello, played for them, and be filmed in their MTV… so two days later, they sent me their new released song with a video click… and two months later, they sent me a short movie!

What a happy encounter! That is the reason I love London! By the way, I trade a beer for 1 minutes playing and .. it was fun and fun of meeting Doug and Paul!

I enjoy watching it… and recommend you to find out more of their stuff..