I met the artist Marcia Scott very recently at a group art exhibition in the Cello Factory in London.

I went to  the Cello Factory was a accident.. while I was in London for a performance 2 weeks ago, I got one day off, so I took the opportunity to see the South Bank area. Follow the South London Art map, I found there is a gallery called the Cello Factory where  used to be  a factory and showroom for stringed instruments, specialising in the Stradivarious. An artist now owns the space and it is used for exhibitions and music recitals. My curiosity suddenly raised up and sooner I found out it’s hidden in a very quiet street near the Waterloo.

A group show curated by the distinguished abstract painter Frank Bowling was going on.  The exhibition features seven artists, two of which are women, working in the medium of painting, sculpture and print. Yes, Marcia was one of the artists. She said hello and sooner, we started a very pleasant conversation. She’s a very friendly and wise women, very open minded, I almost thought she was American! When she learned I am a cellist, she asked me straight away to play for the closing day of this exhibition, which was 5 days later. Woo! She is very different! and my answer is why not?!

However, I got a great excuse to be in London and that is the reason I love this city — I feel like fish in the water, very much connected with it… and more importantly, I met the other artists in this exhibition and learned so much from their works! What a group of people! talent, bright and hopeful. Especially the great artist Frank Bowling, who has amazing life experience, that took me into a world where I always want to be.

My cello sound was absolutely powerful in the Cello Factory…  again, my Bach cello suites rocked the audience, brought out their tears and of course made them with smiling face at the end…