Hello 2011 and hello you!  Happy New Year!

It’s 3:32am of  the 1st Jan 2011..I am so excited about my new website going to be launched today!

In China, there is a old saying “万事开头难!”(beautiful character, isn’t it?) It means  the hardest thing begins at the first step!   Yes, after hundreds hours of imagination and creation with my wonderful designer friend Upekshapriya, my new website eventually is facing to the world now.  By the way, Upekshapriya has no idea how much appreciation I got for him and never have enough thanks for his extraordinary patience.

I often feel that my whole life is to live on the stage and I have a very strong desire to communicate with my audience, just like I spend all the time with my cello. We need you and want to share with you our music, performance and stories!  I wish to build a happy land for both you and me.  Through my website, I hope you can find out some up coming evens that you may be interested; you can review  some highlight events that I did with great joy in 2010.

Meanwhile,  few good news to share with you! My debut CD Believe is available for download now! And my latest recording of the Bach Solo Cello Suites – In love with Bach will be downloadable very soon! It took me lots of courage, energy and emotion to record this master piece; it contains a lot of story and great memory of 2010; it is a 2011 new year present, for all the people who have been supporting me and never stop believing in me.

Finally,  may I invite you to come with me, to see my musical world; to laugh, discuss and to exchange our life experience.  Let’s meet up at www.lilucello.com