If there is anything that could be called perfect, then I will say I just had one, a marvelous evening  at the Manchester Buddhist Center on the 25th February that was my first performance of 2011.

After a long Hibernation over the winter, the bear is waking up now. I put 100% energy and 120% passion into this recital, and I felt the heat between me and my audience in the beautiful Lotus hall, beside the powerful Buddha is smiling behind me. I started smoothly with the suites No.1 and gradually build up more tension with the No.2 for the first half. When I played the Suites No.6, I was absolutely flying with my cello! I can feel the audiences were breath with me together!

The greatest thing is through this event, we raised one thousand pounds for the Manchester Buddhist Center, and thanks for Bach who left such powerful music for us to enjoy. Special thanks to my friend Manjunaga and all the stuff at the Buddhist Center for set up this event, and clearly we can see that all the hard work have been paid off!

Last but not least, I am very much appreciate all the compliments that my audience left to me on my Concert Dairy. It is very pleasant to read them and to know that I can bring something special into your life! I will be myself as always and keep going!

P.S More picture and videos of this event will come up soon!