10:30am 6 July 2011

at the Summer House in the St Mary’s maternity hospital in Manchester

This energetic pop-up exhibition a ‘happeneing’ is the beginning of an exciting collaborative project with me, the glass artists Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell and with the film maker and Photographer Garth Williams , documenting the projects journey.

all the photos taken by Garth Williams

The Summer House is an artwork made by the glass artist Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell for the St Mary’s maternity hospital in Manchester. Being in the middle of a hospital courtyard, it is surrounded by offices and waiting areas, on three floors, full of nurses, Dr’s, staff and public, looking out onto it.

Imagine a contemporary 3-D Kandinsky painting,  that was the Summer House!

Collaborative Project Idea

Bringing the Bach Solo cello suites into the public realm, new audiences, unusual venues, in a  visually strangely stunning, designed for purpose….(well that would be letting the cat out of the bag)  the curiosity of which, will pull the audience into the musically happening…

the Performance has begun…

Fabulous fun, uplifting, creative, good company, ideas whizzing around and all the while being filmed on and off, and trying to ‘behave naturally’. —- That’s the day, four of us made!