Inspired by her trip in the summer of 2010 – a 35 day adventure across Europe, travelling with her cello from Athens to Edinburgh, only using her music to survive – Li Lu will present the complete Bach cello suites, with a new and personal interpretation, at the 2011 Chorlton Arts Festival. Li Lu will play the complete 6 Bach cello suites over the course of the day (please see the times and locations below). “I wish to send a message to the audience at the 2011 Chorlton Arts Festival, that Classical music is not far away from their lives.” Li Lu is a firm believer that seeing a cellist dressed up on a concert hall stage, playing a traditional classical repertoire, or just in front of you in some unexpected place, will invoke a new found feel and appreciation of the music as it’s brought to life in front of your eyes.

Follow the Route:

1pm @ Horse and Jockey Bach cello suite No.1 in G major

1.45pm @ Beech Road   Bach cello suite No.2 in D minor

3pm @ The Precinct/Festival Hub/Radio   Bach cello suites No.3 in C major

4.30pm @ Chorlton Library   Bach cello suites No.4 in E flat major

6pm @ Electrik  Bach cello suites No.5 in C minor

7.30pm @ St. Clement’s Church  Bach cello suites No.6 in D major