The project

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This is a combined arts project, presenting the Bach cello suites in an audio visual performance that aspires to attract a wide audience, especially the young audience to classical music.

This unique visual presentation of a classical music performance aims to break down barriers between the audience/performer using contemporary language and technology that reflects the inventiveness of the Baroque era when Bach was composing.

Live performance will integrate with the visual arts using the concept of a live cellist within a sculptural crystal-look vessel seemingly delivering a ‘silent’ live recital. Spectacular costumes will communicate the different personality of the 6 cello suites and add to the visual drama of the performance. The audience can choose to enjoy a purely visual performance or experience the full audio-visual piece, listening to the music using new media technologies that create an interactive element between the performer and audience.

The touring aspect of the project is very important in widening participation with an audience and will involve presenting the work in a variety of scenarios including: non-traditional venues such as the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and other outside public spaces; modern art venues such as, the Tate Modern or equivalent gallery spaces; and music, arts festivals who attract a vast range of audience. The assumptions about where, how to and who listens to classical music run deep and we want to challenge these by performing in unexpected spaces and exposing a new audience to Bach’s music.